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What is this site about and why was this website created?

1. To foster serious discussion on important topics

This website was created with the aim of fostering serious discussion on topics of concern such as politics, healthcare, education, law and order, justice, human rights etc.
For those who are wondering why anyone would want to create a new website when many other websites already exists – well, I created this website primarily because I was frustrated at the absolutely abysmal quality of the discussion on some of the leading indian websites.

Very little which is discussed in most commercial websites has to do with issues which matter. Most of the discussions revolve around movies, cricket or on topics which can bring in the clicks but do not really address any issue of importance.

Also, most indian websites do not dwell on any issue for any length of time; every important events such as human rights abuses are quickly glossed over and are not followed through. The attention span is very, very low to the point of being completely ineffective as a tool for improving the situation in the nation.

2. To focus attention on organizations making a difference

There are many unsung, under appreciated organizations in India which do amazing work but who do not receive any of the recognition they deserve. I want to enable these organizations to get some exposure and a voice on the net.
How can you help?

I would love to hear from any of you willing to lend a hand in helping India. Help can be as simple as posting a comment to the articles, sending me new articles, asking questions, corresponding with or supporting organizations who are featured here etc.

Who created this website?

This website was created by Prem Kurian Philip. Prem is a businessman running a software development company ( in Chennai, India.


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